One of the most enduring dreams of humans is to achieve immortality. How to live forever? How will I never die? What I have to do to live forever? Humans have been searching these questions for more than millennia, yet, it’s still a mystery. Going through a lot of ideas and researches, scientists found 7 keys that can lead to immortality.

The cloud-y world

When humans have reached the virtual world, what’s the next stage? Putting the whole human brain into a supercomputer? It has been in the minds of scientists for quite a long time that should we install the human brain to cloud to achieve immortality? And now, they’re about to remove the question mark, but what about humanity? Will it still exist? Perhaps, no. Because don’t think so that humans can make the robots think, dream, feel the way we do.

Longevity Pills

It is quite amazing that there are certain pharmaceuticals, like Metformin, a drug for diabetes could extend human lifespan by up to 50%. Several drug companies like Gero are on a mission to develop a new anti-aging pill, using so-called geroprotectors compounds like carnosine, rapamycin, and Metformin; the pill will be used to extend the youthfulness of tissues. You will literally live forever if not get killed or met any calamitous accident.

Clone the Entire You

Grow new cells and replace them with the others, our body simply does this. While, replacing that whole damaged body part is quite hard for it, what if do it? Scientists at the Wake Forest Institute for Regenerative Medicine have already created the world’s first lab-grown organs to be implanted in human patients. The day is not so far when we will replace the whole human body with another.

The Cyborg-ish You

What if you were half human and half machine? Just like the Cyborg of Justice League? Scientists also think that one solution to the longevity problem might be the human-machine hybrids or Cyborgs. Companies like CynCardia have developed artificial hearts that can keep recipients alive for up to four years. So, you’re about to see real life Cyborgs in the future.


The Center for Nanotechnology in Society has targeted the ability to repair aging organ systems and tissues as among the most important applications for this revolutionary technology. So, if they succeed in what they’re doing, micro-machines will rule inside of your body, cruising through your bloodstream and removing plaques.

Editing From the Genetics

Forget about these, let’s go on an adventure. Forget about the cutting-repairing; let’s redesign it from the genetic level. Companies like Human Longevity, Inc. and Calico are sequencing the human genome and scouring its landscape for clues to the genetic causes of aging. And now, in the future, perhaps you get the chance to edit your organisms yourself.

Manage the problem

The controversial “Strategies for Engineered Negligible Senescence (SENS)”, supported and funded by the SENS Research Foundation, has a new plan to fight against the “diseases of aging’, they will attack the individual symptoms of physiological decline so that aging becomes insignificant.

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