The Firestar of Chinese astronomers or the planet of the god of war Ares. Mars is still a burning question for all the scientists and astronomers. Although more than 50 spacecraft were build to send to Mars, only 15 of them was successful. And dozens of mysteries remain unknown for the Red Planet. Here are the amazing things about the Red Planet.

The Two Faces of Mars

The differences between the Southern and Northern hemisphere have been puzzling scientists for decades. The northern hemisphere of the planet is low and smooth. It is known among the smoothest and flattest places in the solar system, potentially created by the water which once floats across the surface of the planet.

The other half of the planet is rough and heavily built; which about 2.5 miles to 5 miles higher in the altitude than the northern hemisphere. And according to the latest findings, these differences between the northern and southern hemisphere was caused because of a gigantic spacerock which crashes on Mars a long time ago.

Methane mystery of Mars

In 2003, the Mars Express Spacecraft of the European Space Agency first discovered the methane in the atmosphere of Mars. A big amount of atmospheric methane on earth is produced by the living things; for example, cattle digesting foods.

Does this mean there is an animal hiding on Mars? Maybe or maybe not; it is doubted that the methane could stay stable on the atmosphere of Mars for only three hundred years. It means the thing which is generating the gas did it very recently. But there are a lot of other things that can produce methane without life, like volcanoes. So, Mount Olympus can also be the cause such occurrence.

Water on Mars

There is water on Mars doesn’t mean it is very easy to find it. It took 15 years to search for the accurate proof of is their water on Mars. But some dark and narrow lines were seen on the slopes of Mars.

This evidence was found in some images taken by the High-Resolution Imaging Science Experiment also HiRISE camera; which was on the Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter. The lines give a hint that the saltwater ran on the Martian surface a long time ago. And in 2015, the spectral analyses of RSL led all the scientists to end the confusion they had about the salty liquid water.

Water’s huge deposit was spotted as trapped inside the ice caps at both north and south poles of the Red Planet. The ice caps shrink is summers because of the increasing temperature and in winter, the cooler temperature let them grow.

Also, the frozen water lies beneath the surface which is as big as Texas and California combining in the North Pole’s area. A couple of NASA scientists measured the water signatures and suggested that the primitive ocean of Mars had more water than our Arctic ocean. It is also thought that Mars had enough water which would cover most of the Red Planet 4.3 billion years ago.

And based on the surface of Mars today, the northern plains is the perfect place to think that the ocean was there. If we compare them, the Arctic ocean covers only 17 percent of the planet earth while it would have covered 19 percent of the surface of the planet Mars.

Life on Mars

The spacecraft which successfully landed on Mars is Viking 1 of NASA. And it started a mystery which is still unsolved. Is there any life on Mars? The findings of Viking 1 are hotly debated today. Some organic molecules such as methyl chloride and dichloromethane were detected by the Viking 1.

But these compounds were vanished from the earth by the terrestrial contamination. Also, the surface of Mars is unfriendly to life; as long as we know, because of the cold, radiation, hyper aridity and other things.

Yet humans have a lot of evidence of survival in the extreme environment on earth, like the Antarctic Valley’s dry and cold soil, the hyperarid Atacama Desert in Chile and many more. Life can survive anywhere if there is water. And I’ve said earlier that Mars once had water. So, there’s a chance that life is hiding on the Red Planet.

Is the life on Earth from Mars?

A meteorite blasted off the mysterious Red Planet and crashed on earth which was discovered in Antarctica. And it also had structures which resemble worms and microbes of the earth. But many researchers suggested that those structures were made by chemicals. The debate continues. And these findings give a hint that probably the life on earth truly was created from the Red Planet which was carried here by the meteorites.


Mission Accomplished!

Can humans live on Mars?

Many science fiction movies showed that people made it to another planet and begun to live there happily. Probably, inspiring from these movies, NASA planned a human Mars mission in 1969. NASA’s plan was to send a man on Mars in 1981 and a permanent Mars base in 1988.

But the issue of food, water, and oxygen is a big challenge with the effects of microgravity, potential hazards like radiation, fire and many more. And if, somehow, the human lands on Mars; but working, creating the environment of living and staying on the other planet is also a great challenge. It means it is hard but not impossible if someone agrees to take the risk. He could survive on the Red Planet but very poorly.

Unusual rocks on Mars

Again the Viking 1 took the spotlight. It spotted a very strange picture of the surface of Mars; a face. Yes, a face from above the planet. So, what is it? A giant humanoid robot buried on Mars or a statue from ancient Martian civilization? It is interesting to think these but close view ruins all the fun. When NASA zoomed in high-resolution photos in 2001, it wasn’t like a face at all.

Here is another mystery. People think that aliens build the pyramids and the ancient hieroglyphics also proves the rumors are real. Now, a picture-led people to take the argument to the Martians made the pyramids. What was in that picture? Nothing but a rock which was just like a pyramid in all sides; the four sides of the rock were plain and the shape was just as the pyramid of our earth. But NASA scientists said that it’s just a coincidence because it was just four inches long. This doesn’t make sense! Perhaps the Martians were (or are) dwarfs.

Also, the opportunity rover snapped a photo which forced people to raise their eyebrows. Another rock just as some kind of ancient statue was spotted on Mars. Maybe built by the Martians as their god or something but experts came again to prove us wrong claiming it as human imagination in lightning. But these ignorances give a hint, they are probably hiding something.

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