After taking a million selfies, the best one comes to you as the golden “one”. After the one hour photo shoot, the one with the best lightening, angle, filter, settings; the best selfie comes to you. So, how to take the best selfie at a short time? Like in a hundred?

Befriend with the Lightning

The lightning is everything whether you’re taking a photo or a selfie. If you don’t put proper attention on lightning then there’s nothing that can make your selfie the best one. It is the best makeup you have. Remember, natural light is way better than artificial ones, so instead of the computer or TV screens’ light, you can try a window. Your shadows and undereye circles will completely vanish as well.

Turn a Blind Eye on Shadows

What can be a biggest nightmare than a huge black shadow covering your face like a spaceship on New York City? You can face directly away or into the sun, but if it’s the middle of the day then the shadows on your face can look like eye bags; which oh my god! So, when you should click them? The ideal hours for your best clicks are the sunrise and sunset hours; you will have low and sweetest light at this time.

Go for Some Flash

What an amazing moment! Wanna take a selfie? But oh uh! Where’s the light? Sometimes we get stuck in such situation when it’s one of the golden moments of our life but we can’t take selfies or pictures without the goddamn light. What now?! C’mon hurry up and turn on your Snapchat. It has an amazing flash feature for the front camera to make your selfie (almost) as you want. While you will take the selfie, the screen will burst bright white light on your face. Though not a perfect flash but will make your picture quite good than without the light.

Don’t Overact on the Smile

Taking millions of, billions of, trillions of selfies but don’t like any of those? This might be because of the artificial smile you’re plonking on your face. Try to be normal, it’s not a photoshoot and you’re not a professionally trained model that you can put whichever smile you like on your face, be the real you and the perfect selfie will be yours. As well always turn towards your heart and not your head. Don’t over think and just click it, these has much more chance of being perfect than planned ones. Also, keep your eyes shut till taking the shot as the picture looks more beautiful when your eyes are fresh.

Blue Swimsuit self portrait

Go for the Million, Seriously While Messing with Everything

No matter how many tricks you know or how many hacks you apply; grabbing the best selfie is still very hard. You may get your best selfie after the thousand, even million. Tilt your head, face and body in different angles. You can try some tips from Kim Kardashian, “When it comes to selfies, keep your chin down and the camera up.” Keep the level of your screen to the bottom of your eyes. Also, don’t stare directly at the camera; a slight look would look better. Using the right filter is also very important when it’s about selfies. The Samsung Galaxy S5 is an ideal phone for serious selfie lovers as it has a selfie mode.

Over Edits Aren’t Everything

Editing your selfies is good but over editing your selfies may make them worse than making them the one of your kind. The point you should notice is to keep your selfie as natural as you can and don’t make it like anime. You’re a human after all and not a cartoon character. Also, there are two types of selfies, one with a mesmerizing Background and another too simple. But if you like to take some filter then it would be better if you don’t go at the max capacity.

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