Does our universe really have any doppelganger? Perhaps; there’s a bunch of theories proposed by astronomers, known as the multiverse. Which combines creating a multiverse.

As we known about the big bang that our universe was extremely hot and dense. Then somehow the inflation starts causing the universe to expand. And then everything started o form etc. Here scientists added a question, does our universe has any doppelgangers or it is alone? They asked and they answered. In over a decade, scientists have made five theories about the multiverse.

Bubble Universes

The notion of eternal inflation is fully used here. The bubble theory says that our universe in a swelling bubble, around which we’re stuck as if black marks on it. What happens when the bubble swells? Simple, it gets bigger. And the dots get further apart. Our universe and other universes are just like the bubbles floating, forming a multiverse. When two bubbles collide, they merge creating a big bubble. And this thing is also common about universes. Why? Scientists have assumed the Andromeda, the nearest galaxy from Milky Way will collide with it forming a new big universe. Thus this is most possible.

Mathematical Universes

This multiverse is explained with mathematic equations. The mathematical structure can change depending on which universe is yours. A mathematical structure is something that you can describe in a way that’s completely dependent on human baggage. It is believed that there are universes out there that can exist independently of me that would continue to exist even if there were no humans.

Infinite Universes

Scientists ain’t completely sure about the shape of space-time. Thus scientists consider it as somewhat a flat infinity highway. Which also proposes that perhaps there are more universes out there. The areas of false vacuum space that doesn’t decay. And as its false vacuum, the expanding space is metastable causing its parts to decay. Which is called pocket universes. As the expansion is exponential than decaying it creates new regions.

Daughter Universes

The multiverse may also follow theories of quantum mechanics. The laws of probability, as we know say that each result created of your decision, there much be a variety of universes witnessing each one outcome came to be. Such as here in this universe, you’re reading this article but in the other universe, you’re perhaps having an ice cream.

Parallel Universes

In simple words, the theory proposes that in the enormous multiverse our universe isn’t one and alone but states that many slightly similar universes exist parallel to each other. Which means that there are one you in every universe but not the exact you. Meaning that if you are a painter, your parallel self can be the president of the US. Isn’t it exciting? But as the speed of light and the age of universe both are finite, there can be unlimited universes. Unfortunately, we’re far back observing them leaving it just as a bold hypothesis.

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