Ask a million, what is the cutest animal on earth? CATS! The answer will always be the same. So, what if your cutie friend does some amazing tricks? Won’t it be amazing? But how would you teach her? If you’re thinking it then here are five simple and easy tricks to teach your cat, but with a positive reinforcement and a little patience. But before them, here are some basics.

First, you have to get a supply of treats. Cats should be rewarded frequently with their favorite treats to learn tricks. Keep plenty of your cat’s bite-sized favorite treats with you when trying to train him. Treat your cat constantly when training him in small sessions. You can set a variable treats to keep your cat interested in the game.

You can use diced chicken, small pieces of diced foods, bits of tuna, commercial cat treats etc. But cats won’t learn treats if he is not interested. If your cat doesn’t want to learn tricks don’t force him, try it later.

Also, you can use a pet clicker. A pet clicker is a kind of small device which makes a clicking sound. You can use it when you want him to do a trick. Make a clicking sound and give your cat a treat. The sound and positive reinforcement of the treat will encourage your cat to repeat the behavior.

Also, don’t forget to teach the treat many times to your cat. Never go for another one before he completely learns it, what’s the hurry? If you go for another trick before your cat fully learns and recognizes one, then your cat will simply forget the last one. So, make it slowly.

Avoid using queue-words before your cat learns the trick. Like if you want him to come, don’t say the word come until he is used to doing the trick. This will help your cat identifying the trick specifically. Now if you have understood the basics, then here are some simple tricks to teach your cat. But keep in mind, don’t punish your cat and be patient.


Trick 01: Teach your cat to seat

If you want to teach your cat to seat then hold a treat in front of his face when he is on all four feet. Move the treat slowly in front of his face to just between his ears. Cats usually will follow the treat in the air and will lower their rare end to get the treat. When your cat sits; praise his behavior by giving him the reward. But if your cat’s rare end doesn’t touch the ground for the first time, don’t lose hope and give him the treat. Because keep repeating this training will make your cat better each time.

Trick 02: Teach your cat to high five

First, treat your cat whenever he lifts his paw from the ground. After doing to five to ten times, wrap a treat in your hand and wait for your cat to grab it out of your hand. He may not do it for the first time. But he will surely grab the treat out after doing it for several times. Treat him after he grabs the treat. Repeat this multiple times raising your hand slowly higher than before but not too much until the behavior resembles giving a high five.

Trick 03: Train your cat to come when called

It is the best trick to teach your cat at its mealtime. He will be hungry, so call your cat’s name and tap the food bowl in front of him in order to get the attention of your cat. When he comes, praise him and give him the treat.

Trick 04: Teach your cat to sit up on two legs

Hold a treat at least two feet above your cat and move it to get his attention. When it sits up on the hind legs and come closer to the treat with its front paw, use a command, for instance, seat and give him a treat.

Trick 05: Teach your cat to shake hands

Sit in front of your cat and smoothly touch his paw. When it lifts his paw, hold it in your hand and shake gently; just like we shake hands. But don’t forget to give him a treat. After a lot of practice, your cat would become friendly with these tricks and will do it whenever you want him to do.

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