Ever wondered what helps an astronaut to survive in deep space? Spacesuit. If your answer is spacesuit then you’re right, but if your answer is the only spacesuit then you’re a little wrong. Not just the spacesuit but the spacecraft also helps an astronaut in his survival.

When a spacecraft is created, it ain’t built for only voyaging through the black roadway but also for the safety of the fellas inside it. And it sometimes protects them from those that the spacesuit wouldn’t have able to. So, here are five major spacecraft technologies required for the survival of astronauts in deep space.

Living and Breathing Systems

In every space missions, the spacecraft must have the system which will keep them alive in the dark region for a long time. The eight hours of oxygen tank of the spacesuit can’t keep them alive for the full mission for sure. This is why the spacecraft is equipped with advanced environmental control and life support system taking up minimal mass and volume. This high-tech system has already been tested on the Orion spacecraft, removing the carbon dioxide and humidity of the spacecraft making it safe for breathing. They also control preventing water intrusion into sensitive equipment with the water condensation on the hardware. Exercise equipment is also present helping astronauts keeping their body in shape and preventing the muscle and bone atrophy because of zero gravity.

Constant Communication and Navigation

Space voyage is all about going far from the home planet and beyond the wide dark yonder leaving the global positioning system. Switching the communication and navigation system of International Space Station, Orion will now communicate through Deep Space Network as well as will navigate it. If somehow, the Orion or other spacecraft loses its control with the base then it uses a camera taking pictures of Earth, the moon and stars triangulating its position automatically.

Holding off the Heat

When spacecraft travels through space, it gets got the longer it travels. Which is why such technology is needed which can hold the heat preventing the spacecraft getting too much hot because once the spacecraft reaches its speed; it will be as hot as half the temperature of the sun. To prevent such occurrence they use a heat shield with a material known as AVCOAT; specially designed to wear away as it starts heating up.


Proper propulsion is extremely essential in a spatial voyage. For ensuring the fellas can come home and maintaining the spacecraft’s courses as well. The service module of Orion spacecraft works as the powerhouse of it. It provides propulsion capabilities on the exploration missions. It is a major technology without which venturing around the space won’t be possible and the astronauts also won’t be able to make it to their home.

Radiation Protection

Space radiation is now the fearful danger for the astronauts. Once they are outside the Earth’s magnetic field, the spacecraft will be exposed to a harsh radiation atmosphere of charged particles, solar winds, and others. This exposure can cause severe health problems leading it to even long-term cancer. The Orion spacecraft designed ensuring essential element’s reliability of the spacecraft. Because the radiation can also cause a great harm to the equipment of the spacecraft as well. A makeshift storm shelter is also on board, under the main deck of the crew module for solar radiation events.

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