Invention and exploration have been humanity’s greatest interest since the birth of this species. We have explored the highest peak in the world, the Mount Everest as well as the deepest the deepest place on this strange rock, the Mariana Trench. But as these have given us the most amazing gifts, they also took many of our scientists, explorers, and discoverers. So, I’ve brought you some of those great scientists and inventors whose invention became the reason for their deaths.

Alexander Bogdanov

Alexander Bogdanov was a Russian and Soviet physicist, philosopher, science fiction writer and a revolutionary of Belarusian ethnicity. He believed, by regular transfusion, we can retain our youth for a long time. This mad scientist attempted the experiment on himself and surprisingly he had improvement of eyesight, suspension of balding and other positive symptoms. Leonid Krasin, another revolutionary wrote to his wife, “Bogdanov seems to become 7, no 10 years younger after that operation.” In 1925 or 26, Bogdanov stated an institute for Hematology and Blood Transfusion. And later, it was named after him. But he took the blood of tuberculosis and malaria affected student which ultimately led him to his death.

Max Valier

Max was an Australian rocketry pioneer who helped found the German Verein für Raumschiffahrt, also known as VfR (Spaceflight Society). He created rocket-powered cars between 1928 and 29 with Fritz von Opel. And the spaceflight society also focused on the rocket car’s idea. Valier died in 1930 of an explosion, which happened because he was sitting in front of a combustion chamber without any safety measure to test the combination of Kerosene mixed water with energy. When the first two trials were successful, he went for a third one which became the last trial of his life.

Valerian Abakovsky

Abakovsky was the inventor of the high-speed Aerowagon. This is a train engine which has the engine and the propeller of an Airplane. It was designed to carry Soviet Officials to and from Moscow. His invention worked brilliant on the test but it derailed when it was returning to the Capital City. Abakovsky died just at the age of 26.

Marie Curie

Marie Curie was a polish and naturalized-French physicist and chemist. She died in 1863 when she visited Sancellemoz Sanatorium, which is in Passy, France. She went there to take rest and regain her strength so she can work with more dedication. She died there of Aplastic Anemia, which was caused by prolonged to radiation. She used to carry the Radium’s test tubes in the lab coat’s pockets. She worked a lot of years with radioactive materials and that caused her death.

Horace Lawson Hunley

Horace Lawson was a lawyer but he was very passionate about submarines. He also was a member of the Louisiana State Legislature and he also helped to design and to build three different models of submarines during Civil War. His first two Subs sank successfully but on 15 October, his third one, Horace L. Hunley drowned in the water of the Charlton, South Carolina, with Horace and seven crewmembers.

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