There are some things we see in movies and have read in fairy tales that we refer as impossible things. While they might seem impossible on our planet but they are quite possible in other worlds.

Have you ever thought that what if a glassy rain takes over the planet? Well, though this isn’t quite possible on the planet Earth but on HD189773-b, about 63 light years away from Earth is a slightly larger planet than the Jupiter, the planet looks very beautiful from outer space but as even roses have thorns, it literary rains glasses sideways on the world. It’s the silicate particles which makes up the atmosphere as well the winds can scream at about 8690kph, about 7 times the speed of sound.

The extremes of the temperature reach about 930 degrees Celsius and the glasses rains sideways at 2 km per second. If something much of a muchness happens on this planet then it would leave a calamitous line throughout the equator traveling at about 5 hours and 30 minutes per hour.

You’ve always seen that you have only one shadow and this black figure doesn’t leave you nor increases in number nor decreases. While we all have seen in Star Wars two amazing sunsets and sunrises on Tatooine. Not just two sunsets but everything on the planet had two shadows akin planets can also give you a partner for your shadow.

This kind of planets was only in the science fictions until the discovery of a planet, Kepler-16b, a world with two stars. Meaning that if you wend your way on the planet then don’t get surprised seeing two shadows of yours.

There’s literally no one on Earth who doesn’t like rain. But what if it starts to rain rocks? On the planet, COROT-7b, about 489 light years, you will experience the rock rains for real. But why on Earth it happens?

The secret is one side of the planet is super hot, about 2, 600 degrees Celsius while the other side of the planet is much cooler, about 177 degrees Celsius. The hotter side is hot enough to melt and vaporize rocks, and they create rock clouds just like we have clouds of water. And then, it rains back rocks or magma on the surface. As it is cooler the farther up, it starts to get harder and harder.

From childhood, every single person wished they could fly like birds. Now, let’s take you somewhere to make your dream come true. Are we going too much away from home? Nope, this one is quite, very close to home in comparison to others. About 1.4 billion km away, near the Saturn, to the Titan.

The atmosphere of Titan is so dense that the first photo of its surface wasn’t taken until 2005. The temperature is so cold that water turns into rocks under the -179 degrees Celsius and methane is found in a liquid state.

Also, the atmosphere of Titan is so thick and the gravity is so weak that you can literally fly on the surface of the planet. Which is quite amazing as Earth and Venus are very much similar and so scientists thought it would have a much strong gravity, while its gravity is very weak, you could just fly above it with just a pair of arm-sized wings and a running jump. The dream came true.

Now you can fly in the winds, oh yeah, winds! You need some winds for flying; wanna know where you’ll get the most bizarre winds in the universe? The planet HD189733-b, about 63 light years away from Earth, the temperature of this planet can reach 966 degrees Celsius while the other side is still quite hotter, about 688 degrees Celsius.

Wait a minute, how? The secret is the wind of the world, the wind screams at about 22, 000mph, which is about 29 times the speed of sound. If you fly on a kite on this wind then you would travel the Earth in just one hour and 8 minutes.

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