Sir Isaac Newton is one of the greatest minds science has given the world. Though he is quite famous throughout the world. But most of the people don’t know what he discovered except his laws of motion, pretty sad, here are five of the amazing discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton.

Cat doors

It’s true that Newton never married even he didn’t have much friends, yet, he has some places for cats and dogs. But during his stay at the University of Cambridge, his cat used to scratch his office doors to come in while he was completely lost in his experiments. So, he told a carpenter to saw two holes in his doors, a big one for the mother cat and a small one for kittens. Though he made to two holes the kitten hole remained unused. Newton once wrote, “Whether this account be true or false, indisputably true is that there are in the door to this day two plugged holes of proper dimensions for the respective egresses of cat and kitten,”

Reflecting telescope

While Newton was busy inventing the optics, he also developed a second design for telescopes. Side-stepping some of the intrinsic prevalent flaws of the refraction-based design, it’s now known as the Newtonian telescope. Designed with a paraboloid mirror at the base, the telescope reflects the incoming light onto a slanted flat secondary mirror. The flat mirror reflects the light to an eyepiece, solving the problem of chromatic aberration.

Perfect Coin

This is one of the perfect proofs of the analytic skills. We all know that Newton once worked as Warden at the Royal Mint and recalled all English coins, he was also quite of a batman that time. He was on to fix the full-blown finance of England. He melted down all of them and remade into a higher-quality, harder-to-counterfeit design. Which was quite of a bold act, the ridges on the edge of a U.S. quarter are milled edges, also invented by Newton on English coins to prevent clipping.

Newton’s Law of Cooling

This might have happened many times that you left out your coffee on the desk for some time and after you returned, you found it cold. It’s called experiencing cooling. Newton also came up with an experimental hypothesis which can explain the rate at which the hot cup of coffee cools. Finally, he discovered the law that it said that the rate of cooling in a body is directly proportional to the temperature difference between the body and its surroundings. Meaning the difference temperature of the ambiance and the cup are related to the reason it cools down.

Philosopher’s Stone

There are many stories surrounding this weird, mythical stone like it can turn lead into gold, cure illnesses and even transform a headless cow into a swarm of bees. The stories also attracted one of the science legends towards it, Sir Isaac Newton. People think that his hunger for knowledge led him on the quest to find the philosopher’s stone while the actual reason is revealed by a historian William Newman. He said Newton was searching “limitless power over nature”. While it’s still a mystery if he really discovered the stone but he indeed created a purple copper alloy.

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