Humans have reached so far that now they’re printing DNA replicas to create life! Yes, it is true, a 3D Printer called ‘Digital-To-Biological Converter’, DBC for short can create DNA replica.

Craig Venter, the founder of Synthetic Genomics, created this machine. DBC can take DNA’s digital representation and rebuild them with the help of chemicals which make up DNA. They are Adenine, Cytosine, Guanine, and Thymine. DBC can also make RNA, vaccine, bacteria etc. but Venter’s dream is not limited on Earth; he wants to print DNA and organisms in the space to make a colony.

He thinks that printing essentials on the site are more realistic than taking all the stuff to another planet. Like, when you are going to build a colony on Mars; it is better to print everything on the planet instead of taking, you can also build lives there when you have made a Human’s DNA’s replica in the other planet and when it will be born there, its organisms will function in such way so the lifeform can survive there. And this is how we can create other animal’s DNA and when they will have a mutation in their genes, they can also survive there just like a human will.

And this is how humans going to live on Mars, this is Craig’s grand plan. And if it works, it will become an evolutionary creation for the survival of human race.

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