The pages of history tell us how many times the climate of Earth has changed. Seven cycles have been changed in the last 650,000 years. While the abrupt end of last ice age and the beginning of our modern climate era was about 7,000 years ago.

Since then, the climate is still changing but the way it is changing may soon be fatal for our existence. The recent climate changes include global temperature rise, warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets, glacial retreat and many more.

These are resulting in an extreme environment, ocean acidification, sea level rise etc. Now, we cannot change what’s done but we can prevent what is yet to happen. It’s going a bit towards “what should we do in climate change” while it is “3 Myths about Climate Change Everyone Should Know” so, let’s go for the myths.

Myth No.1: Climate Change Will Happen In Distant Future

Linda Mortsch, Senior researcher, Adaptation and Impacts Research Division, Environment Canada 2009 Alumni Achievement Award winner said, “Actually, we are now in the midst of a climate transformation. We just don’t know it. Statistics would tell us that. But how many of us collect data and all the statistics of our air temperature? Slowly unfolding changes just creep up on you. You know the fabled freshman-15-weight-gain, or worse, white hair and wrinkles magically appearing? And doesn’t it seem then you first notice those changes that they seem to accelerate, and you’re getting older faster, and there’s no going back? Well, that’s what’s happening with climate change” Everything is quite clear even if we quote the first sentence. According to a NASA study, the atmospheric carbon dioxide hasn’t risen above 300ppm; while it’s rising at an alarming rate since 1950 and now its 400ppm. In chemistry, the term ppm represents a very, very low concentration of a solution. Meaning that the rise of carbon dioxide results in climate change; causing warming oceans, shrinking ice sheets etc.

Myth No.2: Climate Change Won’t Affect You

If climate change ever happens; it’ll affect EVERYONE. It doesn’t make sense that the whole world will be affected by climate change except you. The climate change doesn’t resist, it will affect you, your family, community, area, country, everything. While you’re thinking that it is harming the other regions only, you’re also in its target. While describing the sea level rise on tropical regions; Linda also said, “I’d also like to draw your attention to the fact that climate change will also affect you closer to home, and use Vancouver, British Columbia, as an example. Coastal communities in British Columbia are already planning for sea level rise because of climate change. 50 centimeters by 2050, 100 centimeters by 2100, and 200 centimeters by 2200; there have also been neighborhoods that have been identified as potential future flooding hotspots” The climate change isn’t going to leave you even if you escape from it; it’s all over the world.

Myth No.3: Adapting To Climate Change Is Easy

“Think about losing weight. The first five pounds are okay; they come off relatively easily. But the next ten, twenty, or thirty pounds require planning, commitment and effort, and also may require a transformation in your diet and your lifestyle. That’s the same thing with climate change” Linda said. When we talk about climate change, people behave like it is very easy to adapt to the consequence while they even cannot adapt to a new diet. At the very basic, you’ve to deal with simple things like constant floods; temperature rise. What we do when we the occurrence happens? “Protect health and safety, and the built environment. I call it “the sandbags and dikes face” that means that the adaptation is traditional and incremental” Which means when it’ll happen; everything will already end before we can even take the decision. And when the house is underwater, shops are closed; you’re too short of resources; that’s more distressing than a diet of course.

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