“How we need that security,how we need another soul to cling to, another body to keep us warm. To rest and trust; to give your soul in confidence: I need this. I need someone to pour myself into.”

Sylvia Plath

People think just the same about their security. Security is good and is extremely needed for surviving in today’s world, I agreebut until it compromises your privacy. A showcase of cameras for live streaming your living room stole the show last week in CES tech show in Las Vegas.

Not just this, the bathroom mirrors would offer you beauty tips. And everything would collect data about you and all of their users, photos, and mirror readings but how they will protect them and what actually they’re planning to do with all the mirror readings and photos are still misty.

Thinking about the features is really fun but what would be your reaction when you will realize that these would also allow people to peek into your personal life?

When peeking through reports of The Intercept, quite amazing news flashed out in everyone’s eyes. Ring, a security-camera company of Amazon, allowed most of their employees and executives access to recorded and sometimes live video footage from customers’ homes. Whoa! Sounds fun, right?

A University of Washington computer security and privacy researcher, Franziska Roesner said, “It’s not like all these technologies are inherently bad,” and she also said that industry is still in quest of the right balance between providing useful services and protecting people’s privacy.

Ring Cameras of Amazon

You can mount the Ring cameras outside the front door or inside the home; just like other home security devices. And then, your phone will let you see who’s there. The Intercept recently revealed something more amazing, the Amazon-owned company allowed some high-level engineers to view customers’ video feeds as well, while Ukraine office fellows could view and download any customer video file.

Wellcam of Alarm.com

Alarm.com is offering something which you can put on your home and other’s homes as well, a great device for caretakers which they can use to do their job from afar with their Smartphones, anytime, anywhere.They said that the camera would only turn on if someone does it with their phone and will immediately turns off when the phone is turned off. Such cameras are “becoming more acceptable because loved ones want to know that the ones they care about are safe” Said Chazin.

Smart Mirrors of CareOs

“We know we don’t want the whole world to know about what’s going on in the bathroom,” co-founder Chloe Szulzinger said.Shocked? Well, CareOs’s Smart Mirror is a security system which would also let you “try on” different hairstyles. With facial recognition, the mirror knows which person in a household is there.They’re saying that hotels and salons should buy their $20,000 Artemis mirror to ensure their hotel’s security. The mirror doesn’t need even internet connection to work, and Abides with Europe’s strong privacy rules, the company said.

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