Month: January 2019

Crook’s Radiometer: Light Literally Moved Physical Object

What if light could push physical objects? Sounds impossible right? Well, a German toy has already done it. A fan-like structure inside a light bulb mounted on a stand. Which has quite a strong vacuum inside but not that strong which can create inessential drag for the fans. Which is why air cannot blow the fans at all, rather like a “light mill”, it’s only moved by lights. But how light moves it? It is said that just like wind pushes a windmill, the radiometer is pushed by the photons of light, when the photons of light hit the...

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What If Humans Disappear All Of A Sudden?

Humans have harmed the world enough, even when it doesn’t belong to us. The industrialization mess, making seas a garbage dump with plastics. Creating toxic chemicals and many other things done by humans. Everything is chocking the planet. So, what if all the humans disappear all of a sudden? The planet might become a great place by then. So, let’s see what will happen. The world is in complete motion. Humans are controlling all kinds of vehicles, machines, and systems. And if we suddenly disappear, all the machines that we’re operating would stop immediately. All the Smartphones, tablets and...

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Stephen Hawking’s Final Brain Melting Theory About Our Universe

Stephen Hawking, one of the groundbreaking physicists and most intelligent minds left us with his last shimmering paper. The detail of his last theory on the origin of the Universe, co-authored with Thomas Hertog from KU Leuven. A great flash and boom, the universe started to inflame after a big burst, then the inflammation started to slow down and the energy started to convert into matter and radiation. And then, particles started to collide and merge with each other creating the whole universe and everything within it. It is said that during the inflammation, some bubbles of space slowed...

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Here’s Why People Couldn’t Attend The Time Travel Party Of Stephen Hawking

Ever wondered why you or any other people couldn’t attend the time travel party of Stephen Hawking, at least not in this universe? It was Wednesday, Pi day, March 14 of 2018, 139 years after the birth of Albert Einstein and one of the great minds, Cambridge physicist Stephen Hawking passed away. But there are many amazing things that Stephen Hawking did, like the cocktail party a day before pyramid schemer Bernie Madoff would get sentenced to 150 years in prison. Well, it wasn’t any normal cocktail party; Stephen Hawking was sitting on his wheelchair at Gonville & Caius...

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Saturn Is Losing Its Rings Faster Than Scientists Thought

Saturn is losing its rings more quickly than you can think. Saturn’s rings are one of the astronomical wonders that humans have seen. And now, it is said that it won’t be there forever. When the Voyager Mission went to the Gas Giant in 1980s, it found that the ring of Saturn rains on itself. It’s raining 10,000 kilograms of ring rain on Saturn per second which can fill an Olympic-sized pool in half an hour. But what is the rain? The rain is the disintegrated remains of Saturn’s rings. Constant collisions caused by tiny meteorites and UV ray...

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