Month: December 2018

What If A Giant Eats You Alive?

We’ve seen giants in many movies, they’re huge and ugly and always hungry to eat humans or animals. So, when science has evolved so far that humans have already created animal hybrids, it is not surprising that humans are going to create giants if they want to. So, suppose you’re in front of a giant and it’s going to eat you, what would you do? Run? Well, that won’t work, and now, he grabs you and enters you straight into his mouth. What now? He will chew you, prepare yourself to get crushed and die a painful death. Even...

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Why People See Ghosts In Abandoned Places

Phasmophobia, fear of ghosts is such phobia that is spread in almost the whole population. According to psychologists, people don’t want them alone so when they don’t see anyone around them, they tend to feel that someone is present. That someone is referred as ghosts in a more specific way. The more people see ghosts in their home or in a lonely street; they tend to see ghosts or paranormal entity in a haunted place. As while people are more prone to see a ghost when in an altered state of consciousness, just their imaginations aren’t what does the...

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A New Year Message From The Edge Of The Solar System

Just wait for the New Year, the New Horizons will hand on the stories of Ultima Thule from 4 billion miles away, the Kuiper Belt, a place where even sun appears as a twinkling star. The icy doughnut-shaped region still remained a mystery. So, what might our probe find? Completing the hibernation, the New Horizon woke up to prepare itself for a completely new mission. After the mission Pluto, the New Horizons has already begun its journey towards the Ultima Thule, a Kuiper Belt object discovered in 2014 when the astronomers were eyeing on the Kuiper Belt with Hubble...

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5 Amazing Discoveries Of Sir Isaac Newton

Sir Isaac Newton is one of the greatest minds science has given the world. Though he is quite famous throughout the world. But most of the people don’t know what he discovered except his laws of motion, pretty sad, here are five of the amazing discoveries of Sir Isaac Newton. Cat doors It’s true that Newton never married even he didn’t have much friends, yet, he has some places for cats and dogs. But during his stay at the University of Cambridge, his cat used to scratch his office doors to come in while he was completely lost in...

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10 Astonishing Oases throughout the Globe

Walking through the infinite dryness… no sign of life as far as one can see. While the sand round seems endless, some small heavens are hidden in such hells, which are called oases. They are like twinkling stars in the dark sky, they might be very small but enough to glitter to make the night sky beautiful than everything. Ziz Oasis, Sahara Desert, Morocco Sometimes, an end can be the beginning of something more beautiful. When the Moroccan river dries out, it gives birth to one of the most beautiful things on Earth, the Ziz Oasis. In the middle...

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