Science is still finding the existence of aliens and some signs have already blown the minds of the scientists proving that the aliens really exist and are around us for so many years that you can’t even think that how we have ignored them for so much time. and now it can’t be ignored. And now, scientists have said how the alien life is among us and could be among us. Here are the 10 signs prove alien life exists that the scientists have proposed.



NASA claimed a news in 2011 that they probably found the fossils of bug-like aliens inside a meteorite which landed on Earth. Richard Hoover, an astrobiologist also confirmed the rumor saying that the fossils have no proof, based on which we can say that they are Earth-based organisms. The three meteorites are well known among the ancient ones in the solar system. However, they also said that the samples are short on nitrogen which also proves that they are the remains of extraterrestrial life form, also aliens. They likely grew on the parent bodies of the meteorites when liquid water was present. Although, they fully didn’t confirm that it contains extraterrestrial organisms.

Clouds of Venus

Astrobiologists believe that the acidic clouds of our neighbor planet could contain life, so, it means that we don’t have to travel to another planet when we have alien friends beside us! This planet’s atmosphere is 50 kilometers above the surface of the planet most as the indistinguishable condition like the planet on which we are living. And the temperature and pressure of Venus are also similar to Earth in our entire solar system with water vapor and a teeny weeny amount of oxygen. And surprisingly the atmosphere of Venus contains a chemical known as carbonyl sulfide, which is normally a biological activity indicator on Earth. So, it means we probably can live on Venus after some decades; also the clouds of Venus contain particles which have shapes like bacteria.

Findings of Viking Landers

The results of reinterpretation of an experiment of NASA became the reason for scientists to believe that Mars contains alien life. NASA took an attempt in 1976 by sending a couple of Viking robots to search for the evidence of life. But evidence of life, which found in results, was denied as contaminants of Earth and when the Phoenix Lander found powerful oxidizing commands in Martian soil in 2008, some scientists of NASA reinterpreted the data of 1976 and suggested that the soil of Mars contains organic materials. But still, it needs more evidence to fully confirm the news.

Bacteria in Europa

An astrophysicist at NASA has indicated that the Jupiter’s moon Europa’s red tingles are probably the sign of frozen bacteria. Europe has much more water in the liquid under the icy crust which makes the moon one of the most probable environments of hosting life in our solar system and also the water of Europa contains all the key elements that are needed to create life. Europa’s ice absorbs the in infrared radiation differently to normal ice and when scientists studied the bacteria of Earth they suggested that there is a chance that the water of Europa contains bacteria. But others said the mysterious color of Europa and the absorption of the infrared signals is explained by the frozen salt which is probably on the ice surface of Europa.

The WOW! Signal

Scientists at the big ear radio observatory received a very strange signal on 15th August of 1977, which is the famous “WOW! Signal”. Probably the signal was an alien transmission which was thirty times stronger than the backyard noise also it was observed on the frequency in which the transmitters of Earth are forbidden. And which the WOW! Signal was focused, they heard it on fifty channels of one of the observatory. It also indicated that the signal was an extraterrestrial transmission represented as “ 6EQUJ5”. Lasted for only 72 seconds also it rose and fell at the time, the WOW! Signal has not been observed again, with its origin a complete mystery but many claims that this signal comes from outer space.


Life Sign on Titan

The thick surface of the Saturn’s moon Titan is chemically active also it is also rich in carbon compounds. Many scientists believe that the elements contributed to the Earths life development also a sea of liquid methane covers the surface of this moon. We knew that every living thing on Earth uses water as a liquid solvent and now some scientists think that could be replaced by the water in alive cells which are different from Earth-based ones the analyzing data from Cassini probe of NASA reported that something unusual breathing near the surface of the atmosphere of the Titan. So, does it means alien life is evolving there? But some scientists tried to describe it scientifically and they suggested that probably caused because of the meteorological process.


NASA scientists gave Enceladus the second place in the most habitable places in our solar system beyond our home planet Earth. A prove of NASA also confirmed that Enceladus has an internally heated saltwater ocean just under the moon’s frozen south pole. It’s the only hydrothermally active place beyond Earth which has the temperatures of almost 90 Celsius and also it is the closest temperature of our moon. And the same hydrothermal vents have played the most important role in the emergence of life on Earth which was the ocean floor almost four billions of years ago.

The Signal of Alien

The telescopes on Earth have been recovering the fast radio bursts since 2001. They probably are following a mathematical pattern which is probably the attempt of aliens which are trying to communicate. They were flowing 5.5 billion light years away and 10 burst was recorded which have arrived Earth in such pattern which has no explanation in cosmic physics. However, data analysts think that there is only a 5 in 10,000 chance that these patterns are some coincidence. Scientists noted that the pattern might disappear as more busts are detected and those lasted for only a few microseconds but it is thought the sources of those patterns release more energy in that time as the sun does in a whole day! And other hypothesis tells that those bursts are probably from neutron stars or black holes.


Methane on Mars

The Curiosity rover of NASA reported that the atmosphere of Mars could have methane which scientists took as a tentative sign of alien life which were on Mars in past or present. It also gave some surprising spikes in methane gas which gave a hint that microbial alien life exists on Mars. It is known that microbes release methane on Earth so, is it possible that Mars contains microbes? But shockingly it disappeared after some weeks!

Goldilocks Planets

Kepler space observatory proved that Earth-like planets are very common than one can think. Astronomers theorized that there are almost 11 billion Earth-like planets in our own galaxy which orbits the “Goldilocks” or habitable zone. It is an area where water can stay on the surface of the planet and life could grow. The Kepler 438b is one of the planets similar to Earth is discovered the Kepler space telescope of NASA. This planet is in the Constellation of Lira 470 light years away. Also, eight habitable planets just like Kepler 438b were found orbiting the same star outside of our solar system. Also, the Kepler 438b is a little big than our planet Earth and also receives 405 more heat. Though our technology isn’t that advanced to reach there but will surely do in the future.

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