Walking through the infinite dryness… no sign of life as far as one can see. While the sand round seems endless, some small heavens are hidden in such hells, which are called oases. They are like twinkling stars in the dark sky, they might be very small but enough to glitter to make the night sky beautiful than everything.

Ziz Oasis, Sahara Desert, Morocco

Sometimes, an end can be the beginning of something more beautiful. When the Moroccan river dries out, it gives birth to one of the most beautiful things on Earth, the Ziz Oasis. In the middle of the largest desert on the planet, Sahara Desert, the oasis shines just like a star in the lone sky. Situated in the Ziz valley, Sahara Desert, Morocco; a popular tourist attraction between Rich and Merzouga.

Huacachina, Peru, America

Also famous as “Oasis of America”, the desert is just like a small jungle on the moon. The Huacachina is a nature’s gift in the desert, a natural river-born oasis in southwest Peru. According to a legend, the lagoon was created when a hunter disturbed a beautiful princess while bathing. She went away and the pool turned into the lagoon. Her mantle transformed into the sand dunes of the surrounding and she turned into a mermaid herself.

Umm al-Maa, Libya

Hidden in the Libyan Sahara, the Umm al-Maa is a lake oasis hidden in the sandy dunes of the Ubari Sand Sea deep. Situated in the Idehan Ubari Sand Sea, the Umm al-Maa isn’t the only oasis in the surrounding. Approximations say that there are about 16 more lakes in the surrounding dunes. Some of them disappear from time to time while some of the great ones are always with us like Mafo, Gebraoun, and Umm-al-Maa.

Timia Oasis, Niger

Take a six-hour drive from the Agadez, the place you’ll end up is one of the heavens that exist on the planet Earth. You can say that Niger is blessed with one of the most beautiful things in the Aïr Mountains. With the background of sand dunes, the oasis is gifted with Orange and pomegranate laden branches of trees.

Crescent Lake in Gobi Desert

If you want to enjoy the most beautiful spring on Earth, then hurry up and rush 6 kilometers in the south of Dunhuang city to Crescent Lake in Gobi Desert. Echoing-Sand Mountain is situated throughout the oasis and can also be seen while going through Silk Route.

Abraham’s Oasis, Syria

Located between the cities of Hit and Haditha in Al Anbar province, this oasis has great importance to many legends and histories like Jewish, Samaritan, Christian, and Islamic. Over 6 miles or 9 kilometers away from Euphrates River, the breathtaking beauty of the oasis attracts many tourists throughout the year.

Oasis Ein Gedi, Israel

Situated near Masada and the caves of Qumran, Ein Gedi is the largest oasis in the world along with the Dead Sea’s coast. Meaning of the oasis is Goat kid and the oasis is inhabited by the Judah tribe of Israel. Ein Gedi is the most famous oasis since the time of Kingdom of Solomon as well the waterfall of it gives it a unique view.

Sonoran Desert Oasis

Situated in Sonoran desert of North America, the Sonoran Desert oasis has many sides of beauty. We can say that nature has given most of its gift to the oasis. While you can see greenery in the morning, it will fascinate you as you’ll spend the evening with it, and night you will wonder at night that how did all changed in a glimpse of an eye.

Oasis on a Ranch in Red Rock Canyon near Las Vegas

The oasis will leave you wow as you’ll lay your eyes on the beauty of it. Located at the base of Wilson cliffs near Las Vegas, it is large enough than the other oases with an area of about 520 acres. For more than centuries, it’s attracting the travelers and is one of the most favorite places of them to camp. Today it has is $6.00 per car entrance fee.

Agua Caliente, Tucson, Arizona

It is quite amazing that such oasis can exist in a recreational park; the Agua Caliente oasis really is located in the recreational park of Tucson. The archeological evidence says, the oasis had inhabitation even 5000 years ago but now; it can make your spring an awesome one with its natural beauty and ponds, palm trees and paved sand walking trails.

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